What is RE+VIVE Plus?

It is an innovative product that is manufactured with raw materials of high quality, containing effective ingredients like extract of amaranth that regenerates the capillary links, thus maintaining healthy, shiny, silky, strong, hydrated and manageable hair, during the most intense chemical processes, in one step, such as dyes, discolorations, highlights, keratins, etc. This innovative product is designed with the latest technology in hair cosmetics to be incorporated into any type of aggressive chemical processes. You will se results immediately and ALWAYS after the first application.


This product has the power to regenerate capillary links thanks to its active antioxidant action for its high content of vitamins, proteins, and extract of amaranth that protects the hair from external aggressions and allows it to maintain its structural integrity, avoiding possible oxidation of lipids and proteins. This way, your hair stays healthy and with natural movement even when it has been processed with aggressive chemicals.

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RE+VIVE Plus will provide the hair with an outer layer that protects it from penetration of aggressive chemical and biological agents, while also regulating the entry and exit of water. This protective outer layer is formed by overlapping cells with each other, like tiles on a roof, due to lipids and proteins which function to seal and cohere./p>

Every day more women and men undergo treatments to modify the appearance of their hair; They can be both chemical treatments like dyes, or thermical, such as the use of irons and dryers. In addition, every day we are exposed to other factors such as environmental aggressions (UV, wind, extreme temperatures, etc.)

Oxidation affects lipids and proteins, which degrade and break, increasing the friction between fibers and reducing their alignment. To maintain a healthy hair is necessary to protect it from oxidative agents that can deteriorate it.



Extract 1.25 ml (0.043 oz.) from the RE+VIVE Plus blister and put it in the bowl of hair dye, discoloration or any other chemical process that will be applied. Shake to mix and apply as usual.

Important: The aforementioned amount of RE+VIVE Plus is indicated for any chemical process, regardless of the amount of the chemical product you will apply..

With our product, stylist will save time since the product is applied in one single step. Kroma Europe develops innovative products providing guarantee, prestige and security for your customers.

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Each kit contains 20 phials of 2.5 ml 0.087 OZ.


This product should be stored in a dry place, free of moisture and temperatures oscillating from 2 ° C and 35 ° C without altering in any way their properties.

Characteristics of the product

Presented in a glass container with airtight plastic stopper. This product can be crystallized at a temperature below 2 ° C.

If it looks crystallized, apply heat with your hands or immerse in warm water.



The only hair treatment
with vegetal stem cells
from the argan tree that provides exceptional results.



An enriched formula with panthenol and silk derived amino acids that work together to keep hair moisture and prevent dehydration. This combination allows the preservation of the three main components of the hair: proteins, lipids and water.


This product is made with stem cells from the argan tree and its main function is to regenerate the damage and aging of the scalp.

Stem Cells

The effect of the active ingredients from argan stem cells was studied in cultured human epidermal cells. The results showed that these components can retain the colony-forming efficiency of the stem cells for a longer time, even if the cells were stressed by exposure to ultraviolet light.

The tests over a 3D epidermis model reveals that even aged stem cells can form a complete epidermis when our product CELL with argan is applied. In other words, aging stem cells treated with our product exhibit a similar activity as young stem cells. These positive effects were also confirmed in studies on subjects.

The extract from argan stem cells produces an improved expression on marker Sox2 of the stem cells (an intense green signal). Only dermal stem cells express this bookmark. It is obvious that a healthy scalp creates a healthier and stronger hair, so our proposal is to prevent damage to the scalp through the application of our treatment.



We incorporate our product NUTRI as the perfect complement to our stem cells in their 1+1 concept. This ensures that we have a healthy hair from root to tip for their intensive nutrition thermal reaction.

To achieve this we use:

  • Panthenol vitamin B12
  • Amino acids
  • Silk Protein

By having contact with water, these ingredients immediately become a cream. With the application of this product we can guarantee the following benefits:

  • Untangles.
  • Eliminates split ends.
  • Shinier hair.
  • Conditioned.
  • Eliminates frizz.
  • Fills the hair fiber.
  • Repairs hair damage caused by chemical effects.


Cell Argan was developed to enhance the regenerative capacity of the dermis, achieving the deep skin rejuvenation. This active ingredient is based on stem cells of the argan tree, one of the oldest species in the world. The argan tree is native to the arid southeastern Morocco and has adapted perfectly to the severe drought and extremely high temperatures that characterize this region.

Unfortunately, the extent of these trees was reduced dramatically so that these days the forests are under protection of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco).



NUTRICELL is an advanced product, with two phials that make a perfect team. NUTRI is the ideal vehicle to introduce our argan stem cells to regenerate the hair follicle from the inside, so you can get a really healthy hair. Our argan stem cells are the latest breakthrough in cosmetics.

NUTRI contains refined and balanced active ingredients that contribute to prolong our argan stem cells life to up to four hours once united; That is why we do not recommend exceeding more than this time to make an application, because it would lower the effectiveness of stem cells and its regenerative properties..


Video Application



1.- Wash hair with sodium free shampoo, do not apply conditioner and dry the excess water with a towel.

2.- Remove 5cc from the NUTRI vial with a syringe and mix with 50 ml of water at room temperature until obtaining a homogeneous cream. Then, using the same syringe, remove 5cc from the CELL phial, and mix with NUTRI.

3.-Divide the hair in segments and apply the product in the different sections, from root to tips.

4.- Apply a stimulating massage for 2 minutes to allow better absorption of stem cells.

5.- Place a plastic or thermal cap and apply heat for 15 minutes. This can be done by a heat cap, or blow dryer.

6.-After 15 minutes remove 100% of the product with water only.

7.- Finish with the hairstyle desired by the customer.


Cauterization Application Protocol

1.- WASH:: Wash your hair with sodium free shampoo, dry the excess water with a towel (Do not apply conditioner).


A)Extract 7,5cc from the NUTRI phial with a syringe and mix with 75 ml of water at room temperature. Mix until obtaining a smooth cream, then remove with the same syringe 7,5cc of CELL from its phial, and mix.

B)Divide the product in two equal parts.

3.- APPLICATION: Divide the hair in segments and apply 50% of the product from root to tips with a brush. It is important not to comb. You can use you hands to better distribute the product.

4. - Aerate WITH A DRYER:: Proceed to aerate with a dryer to remove moisture.

5.- Then use the iron strand by strand. Temperatures should go according to how fragile the hair is. Healthy hair can withstand temperatures of 170°C, whereas sensitive or damaged hair should not pass 65°C. This way, we seal the product within the hair.

6. - Rinse the product with water only.

7.- Apply the other 50% of the product and let it be absorbed for five minutes. You can perform a stimulant massage, for no more than 3 minutes, to allow better absorption of the stem cells.

8.- Rinse with water only, removing 80% of the product and leaving 20% in the hair, to allow stem cells to continue working.

It is recommended to use this treatment in highly processed and damaged hair at least once a month.



This treatment is only recommended for scalp pityriasis (dandruff), seborrheic dermatitis, contact dermatitis and/or scalp burned by chemical processes.

1.- Wash hair with a shampoo agreeable with the scalp that will be treated.

2.- Remove 2ml from the NUTRI phial with a syringe and discharge in 20 ml of cold water.

3.- Now extract 2 ml of CELL from its phial and add to the NUTRI mixture.

4.- Apply only on the scalp massaging for five minutes.

5.- Leave the treatment in the scalp at room temperature with a plastic cap for 10 minutes.

6.- Now proceed to remove 90% of the product with water and allow only 10% of the product to remain, so that stem cells continue to act.

7.- Finish as desired by the customer.



You know what are the stem cells of vegetable origin?

Stem cells are primary cells from which life originates. They are undifferentiated cells that have the ability to regenerate itself and reproduce themselves in identical cells.

Plant stem cells have more potential because they are totipotent, meaning that each of these cells has the ability to generate new organs (leaves, flowers, etc.)

Where do the Nutricell stem cells come from?

Nutricell stem cells come from the argan tree, one of the world's oldest tree species. The argan tree is native to the arid southeastern Morocco.

Can Nutricell be applied the same day as highlights, coloring or keratin?

Yes, it is good if we use it the same day to counteract the effects of chemical processes and damage, and will ensuring the brightness and smoothness of the hair.

Does Nutricell interfere with colorization results?

No, in the application process we close the cuticle and avoid the color to lose its strength during pigmentation. Instead, the product enables color and brightness for a more uniform hair.

Does Nutricell come from human cells?

No, our products are 100% vegetal stem cells.

Can Nutricell be applied in case of hair loss?

Yes, if there are problems at the level of the scalp by stressful circumstances or problems caused by dermatitis or pityriasis (dandruff) we can improve this type of condition; but in cases of alopecia or other genetic diseases we have not yet tested the treatment, and cannot know the effects.

Does Nutricell penetrates the hair follicle and can grow an argan tree in my head?

No, definitely impossible that stem cells could grow a plant in a human body.

Our stem cells come at a dose of 0.5 oz, are totally clear and imperceptible to the eye.

How stem cells are kept alive?

All of our active ingredients are based on vegetal stem cells and are 100% natural. Furthermore, the production process is very sustainable and protects resources. We need only a small sample of a plant to extract stem cells. The entire production is then based on these stem cells and then transformed into active ingredients for cosmetic use.

How do stem cells survive?

Its effectiveness depends on the solution in which is placed. PH and other chemical factors must be closely watched. Ours is a composite water solution.

Can I heat water to more than 30 degrees for the NUTRI phial?

No, our product requires 90 ml of water. The temperature thereof should be equal to ambient.

Does Nutricell lighten the hair?

No, our product respects the natural and artificial color unlike other products that are aggressive and drag pigments away.

Why should I buy Nutricell?

Nutricell is an innovative formula designed to solve the problems of the hair and scalp from root to tip. It is a product that we created to offer verifiable, immediate and effective solutions. By recommending its use to your customers you'll increase your profits, while also having a satisfied customer.

What is Nutricell direct competition?

We have no competition. Other brands may focus on hair problems from root to tip, but we take care of the hair starting from the root, so we are unique in our approach.

Can I make a cauterization the same day as a keratin?

No, cauterization usually carries sealing through heat of the iron as well as keratins, and then the hair will be exposed to too much heat. What is recommended is a hydration to reverse the chemical damage of keratins.

Why use a shampoo without salt before using Nutricell?

Unsalted shampoo is recommended for chemically treated hair. It promotes effective cleaning, dragging particles left by previous chemical processes and preparing the hair to absorb intensive moisturizing treatments. Thanks to its salt-free formulation it will not damage the hair fiber.

What if I mix the NUTRI and CELL phials, at the same time, in water?

Our procedure is very clear, but if this happens the product will not lose its positive effects. The problem will be a mixture not as consistent or as strong.

Will Nutricell be marketed in supermarkets?

No, it is a product of professional use.

How many trees are needed to obtain stem cells?

A very small amount of vegetal material is needed to produce a sufficient amount of active ingredients of high quality, therefore is a very sustainable technology.



The argan tree grows between 8 and 10 meters tall and lives 150 to 200 years. It grows in the area between Tiznit and Essaouira. It is thorny with rugged trunk, has small leaves of 2 to 4 cm long, oval with rounded apex.

The flowers are small, greenish-yellow with five petals; blooms in April. The fruit is 2-4 cm in length and 1.5 -3 cm wide, with thick skin and thick shell surrounding the bitter sweet smelling. This surrounds the fruits containing two or three seeds that are rich in oil. The fruit takes a year to mature until June-July of the following year.

In 1998 UNESCO declared Biosphere Reserve Arganeraie of 2,568,780 hectares southwest of Morocco where argan grows. At the heart of this book is the Souss-Massa National Park.


Nutri State

NUTRI phials contain 0.5 ml of a thermal ingredient capable of changing from liquid to creamy. This ingredient reacts to different temperatures as shown in the following photos:

Storage suggestion: The ideal storage temperature for the product is between 24 to 30°C.

If you notice the NUTRI phial has been exposed to a temperature below 22°C (see left image) keep in hand for 2 minutes to dissolve and return to its normal state as shown in the right image.

Stem Cell Vital

Facial rejuvenation without surgery

Now you can look younger in just 4 weeks

Lotion with liposomes vegetal stem cells that enable and stimulates the cell renewal process of the skin and reduces the depth of wrinkles. Fight aging of the essential skin cells, protecting and increasing longevity. Includes sunscreen for protection against UV rays.

As manufacturer and distributors of cosmetic products, MundoKroma S.L. is bound by indications and rules established by the Medicament and Sanitary Products Spanish Agency (AGEMED in spanish). AGEMED is the sanitary authority in Spain, and is the reference for citizens and health professionals, working to guarantee quality, security, effectiveness, information and accessibility of medication and health products. Buy!
Stem Cell Vital


The only hair treatment
with vegetal stem cells
from the argan tree that provides exceptional results.


SHAMPOO Nutricell madre

Scientifically formulated to act deeply on the hair and scalp by removing excess fat and impurities, providing a fresh and rejuvenating cleansing.

  • Stimulates Growth
  • Recovers the hair's natural shine
  • Moisturizes the scalp
  • Restores damage by heat
  • Protects dyed hair
  • Rejuvenates and restores vitality
  • Frizz control



Scientifically advanced formula, designed to nourish and deeply condition damaged hair, in just 60 seconds.

  • Penetrates the scalp acting in the follicle
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Improves elasticity and shine
  • Stops the process of aging on the hair
  • Protects against broken and split ends
  • Promotes shine and vitality of hair in one application



Light moisturizing formula that leaves no residues, scientifically produced for the creation of natural styles, with irons or dryers.

  • Facilitates straightening during blow drying
  • Nourishes and softens hair
  • Protects from harmful UV effects
  • Prevents frizz
  • Promotes shine and softness
  • Thermal protection and long-lasting anti deformation

This product can be used on colored and chemically treated hair.



This miraculous shampoo enhances blood circulation, helping the hair to grow healthier for its high content of onion bulb extract, which in combination with sulfur compounds and essential oils, stimulate their activity providing also vitality, strength, shine and smoothness.

This onion bulb extract not only stimulates hair growth, but also has the power to eliminate seborrheic problems and common falling hair problems; in addition to moisturize dry hair.

With this extraordinary shampoo you will notice that the hair will look silkier, shinier and clean for much longer.

Stem Cell Vital

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